RCIA page

Process Overview

This process welcomes adults who would like to receive Baptism, Eucharist and/or Confirmation.  Candidates are gradually introduced to aspects of Catholic beliefs and practices.   All people who are open to discerning their personal experience of faith and to learning more about the Catholic Church are welcome to begin the process.   Many people come to an awareness of their desire to learn about membership in the Catholic Church in various and different ways.   Often it may be a personal faith experience, overcoming personal difficulty and tragedy, or a relationship or discussion with a person of faith which leads one to begin this exciting journey.  All that is truly required is a sincere desire to learn, to grow, and to develop one’s relationship with God.

As you go through your "catechumenate," your time of instruction, there is only one quality which is demanded of you  That quality is openness.  Try your best to be open to the demands made on you during your preparation.  Be open to one another in this group of candidates.  Be open to your leader, teacher, or facilitator.   But most of all, be open to the working of the Holy Spirit in your heart.  This time of preparation can be some of the most important hours of your life.  During this preparation, you are learning what it means to be a fully initiated, adult member of the Body of Jesus Christ on earth—the Church.

Your Stage Christian Initiation Meaning
1. Getting Ready The precatechumenate A time of beginning and a time of questioning.
2. The Journey The catechumenate A fairly long time for learning or reviewing the basics of the Catholic Faith.  A time to start thinking and acting like a fully initiated member of the Church.
3. Seeing the Light Illumination, or election: the candidate receives the sacraments of initiation. A time to become a fully initiated member.  A time of celebration and for being proud and happy to belong to the Body of Christ.
4. Alleluia The Mystagogia: after–initiation instructions.   The word means“sharing the mysteries.” A time for the new member to make sure that he or she can truly think and act like a member of the body.

If you are an adult interested in receiving these sacraments please contact Joanne Mongeon via phone at 781-329-9575 or via email at jparnellmongeon@gmail.com