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Our parish library is a great resource for any parishioner or regular attender of our programs.   There are about 100 biographies of the saints and prominent figures in our Church, books that introduce you to other religions such as Islam, Judaism, etc., books to help you read the Bible by yourself, meditation books to help you attain peace, calmness and relaxation, so many kinds of books!  We even have a collection of CDs and DVDs!   Any and all of these can be borrowed and taken home.  Our Adult Faith Formation Commission maintains three resources for adult education: the Monday evening lecture series; the Tuesday evening extended Scripture and Catholic Studies series; and, the Library.  If you have any questions or doubts, or just want to learn more about any aspect of faith or religion, the Library is there for you.

Parish Library

Some of our library patrons have a book review to share with you.  If these Book Reviews whet your appetite, come down to the library and look around.  The perfect book may be waiting for you.

The Saint Susanna Parish Library is dedicated to the late Laura Quinn. While she was with us, Laura saw the power that knowledge had to strengthen faith. She established the library with passion, joy and many hours of tireless effort.

Parish Library

Pursue knowledge in support of your faith.