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On many Monday nights at Saint Susanna Parish, it is not unusual for there to be an engaging discussion centering on a topic relevant to what it means to be an informed Catholic.  The topics range from Angels to Zoroastrianism and the speakers range from noted authors and academics to well-seasoned parishioners.
We are fortunate that our Adult Faith Formation program has well over a decade of experience to build from.  Topics are selected by our own audiences, not some ivory tower group.  The accommodations are ample, with state-of-the-art presentation electronics.  Each year we on the Commission amaze ourselves at how our programs turn out far beyond our expectations.
The Adult Faith Formation program is more than just a lecture series.   It is the fulfillment of a mission we take very seriously at Saint Susanna: to strive to be a center for lifelong learning for our parishioners and the community at large.
Come And See!  (John 1: 39)

SECTION 1. Notice of Upcoming Programs
SECTION 2. Schedule for the Entire Upcoming Season
SECTION 3. Details RE Classes (Time, Location, No-Fee Policy, etc.)
SECTION 4. How to Subscribe to Our Email Lists
SECTION 5. Our Program History, 2002-Present

SECTION 1. Notice of Upcoming Programs

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SECTION 2. Schedule for the Entire September-May Season

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SECTION 1. Notice of Upcoming Programs)

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SECTION 3. Details RE Classes (Time, Location, No-Fee Policy, etc.)

Unless otherwise stated, all sessions are held on Monday evenings from 7:00 to 9:00 pm, in the Parish Hall, 262 Needham Street, Dedham.  There is no pre-registration requirement and there are no fees, although voluntary donations are gratefully accepted to cover our speakers' honoraria and our refreshments.  For map and directions, go to the Map and Directions Page on this web site.  In case of cancellation due to inclement weather, we will make every effort to post our web site, so check this page for a notice if the weather appears threatening.  Come and See!

SECTION 4. How to Subscribe to Our Email Lists

Saint Susanna Adult Faith Formation maintains an email list for those interested in Saint Susanna’s programs.  Subscribers receive notices approximately once a month, announcing the programs for the coming month, as well as any changes.  Last minute changes or additions to our programs are also sent out as soon as possible using this list.  Cancelations due to snow or other causes are broadcast via this list as well.  We do not share the list with others.   There is, of course, no charge for this service.   If you would care to subscribe, just email us at

We also maintain a special email list, on the same terms, which notifies recipients regarding upcoming programs of other quality adult faith formation programs in the Greater Boston area.  We will gladly add you to this list as well, if you so request, emailing us at the same email address.

There is no particular format for requesting that you be added to either list, just make the request in your own words.  You may ask to be added to both lists, or just one, as you so choose.    A confirming email will be sent to you within a week or two.  Should you care to unsubscribe at any time, just send us an email with that request or visit our Unsubscribe page and you will be removed.

SECTION 5. Our Program History, 2002-Present

Saint Susanna has been presenting Adult Faith Formation classes since 2002.

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